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You know how to look for a job, right?



You and everyone else. You and the 13 million other people out of work in America today.


Statistically speaking, it takes 17 interviews for a typical job-seeker to land employment - and most candidates have to submit hundreds of resumes just to get in the door once. The problem for most job candidates isn't their skills, ability, or ambition - it's the odds.


That's where my 3-Step Employment System eBook will give you the advantage!


There are three pieces of knowledge you simply must have to set yourself apart from the JOB MOB - and they're very basic:

1. Knowing where to look. 2. Knowing how to apply. 3. Knowing how to prepare.



With my 3-Step Employment System eBook...


You'll be given access to a wealth of information that's both up-to-the-minute and experientially proven. I've enabled over 8,600 readers to get into their careers of choice - bringing them to the top 5% of their specific job markets, preparing them for interviews, and most importantly, helping them open the first door by creating a resume that sells.


If you can follow a simple step-by-step system, then I can help you turn your career search around and show you how easy it can be to tap the hidden job market.



When you purchase my 3-Step Employment System eBook, you'll get:


Instant online access anytime, anywhere, to the eBook - whether you're looking for jobs on the road or at home, proven techniques will be at your fingertips when you need them.


  • New jobs posted within 24 hours, selected based on your specific skillset and industry, sent directly to your email inbox - because time should be on your side.
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  • A proven formula for how to prepare your application or resume based on the unique 'needs-based' approach I've designed to help you make a stellar first impression with a resume that sells.
  • A personal, easy-to-understand guide to prepare you for interviews with step-by-step coaching that will help you communicate your skills effectively and set yourself apart from the JOB MOB!
  • Career resources and information to increase your personal marketability and sell the asset of YOU to your ideal employer.
  • Inside knowledge of the employment game to help you negotiate the best terms and highest pay from the employer who hires you - to turn the job you get into the job of your dreams.

Your Perfect Job Search

So you know how to find a job in today’s job market. Are you really certain? Others in a similar situation are taking on average 7 months to finally get hired.


Did you know that there are proven methods to shorten a job search and start earning a real paycheck? Additional techniques that insure improved job market penetration? Have you heard about the Hidden Job Market which contains the jobs which are not easily discovered except by those in the know?


Now really – does the following apply to your current job search?


o Had your fill of job search frustration?


- Weeks have turned into months of painful searching and still no job?


o Wonder if you will finally get a job and when?


- Others are finding their new job sooner than you.


o Getting increasingly harder to motivate yourself to find a new job?


- What was somewhat exciting at first, has now diminished since 4 unsuccessful interviews.


o Lowered your salary expectations? – A LOT?


- Feeling less and less worthy of a good job again?


Many experienced job hunters recommend not trying to run a job search on your own. We have developed a collection of proven job search techniques which provide the following:



  • Hidden Job Market
  • Increased Market Penetration
  • Unlimited Job Leads Daily
  • Job Resources Research
  • Shorten Search by Weeks/Months

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When you purchase the 3-Step Employment System eBook here are the extras you'll get to help you jump-start your job search and put you on the fast track to the employer who's waiting for you:

  • A 45-minute initial phone consultation with me. I believe in personally connecting with you - because I'm not a search engine and you're not a number. You'll be able to explain the challenges you've had and your career goals, and then ask specific questions to help you overcome your own unique barriers to finding the job you truly want.


    I'll lend you my ear and my time to give you advice on the best ways to approach your job search, jump your personal hurdles, and set yourself on the road to success.


    Many so-called "employment gurus" charge upwards of $500 for personal coaching. That's not a game I'm interested in playing.


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